Our commitment to sustainable fashion

We strive to make a beautiful garment that will last, made in a way that is respectful of others. No one can accuse us of being in a hurry! We focus on the detail and design so that you will enjoy wearing the garment and want to wear it again.

"Sustainability is about meeting present needs on a continuing basis, without diminishing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

So how is Maison d’Etre sustainable in its approach to fashion?

We use quality fabric.
We source most of our fabric from oversupply, already existing in the marketplace, rather than turning further natural resources into cloth. 

We are mindful of the origin of the fabric (for example, cotton plants use a lot of water to produce a crop, and mindful of this, we buy cotton jersey from places such as New Zealand, where this type of agriculture is sustainable).

We choose the best quality natural fibres, such as cotton and silk wherever possible, not only because they can withstand frequent gentle washing (longer life of garment), but also because they are biodegradable, which means they will eventually break down naturally into water, carbon dioxide and biomass.

We avoid using synthetic fabrics (such as polyester) which are made of petroleum and will only break down into smaller pieces which pollute soil and waterways and are harmful to the environment.

We produce locally.

We make the pattern, cut the fabric and make the garments locally in Sydney, Australia. By making locally, we keep control of production (both as to quality and the process). We can check the garment while in production and avoid costly and wasteful mistakes that sometimes happen when garments are manufactured offshore. 

We also make locally to support other local businesses because we believe in the benefits of a thriving local garment industry.

We support a minimum wage for garment workers.
We pay for production locally where workers are paid a minimum wage. The best way to ensure workers are paid properly is to manufacture where there is the safety of a minimum wage by law, so we engage local manufacturers for this reason. We cannot make cheaply but we can make well and responsibly.

We avoid using plastics. 
This extends to our delivery to the customer - we use compostable delivery bags.