For Maison d’Être, the trailblazing female is at the axis of every creation. Mothers, daughters, writers, thinkers, makers, chameleons.

Since its launch in 2018, this Sydney-based daywear brand has set out to capture the feeling of effortless elegance in each design, empowering the modern woman to move seamlessly from one state of being to the next.

Maison d’Être offers a unique take on the staple cuts reworn time and time again by the various female figures that have inspired its Creative Director Cherith Devenish – from historic trailblazers like Joan of Arc to rock ‘n’ roll icons like Patti Smith: The peasant dress, the prairie dress, the mini dress, the shirtdress, the pencil skirt, the blazer.

Through these classic silhouettes hand-made by local artisans in washable fabrics, Maison d’Être considers the multi-hyphenate woman in all her forms and forays.

After all, with the right pieces, you can be who you are, wherever you are

Our commitment to craft

We choose fabric for beauty and practicality to create clothing that is supple and easy to wear. Our garments are washable (although with care).


We spend time designing the garment.
We realise that every body is a little different and every wearer is unique. We want the garment that you choose to reflect your uniqueness. We make garments that can be adjusted to your mood, and to be in harmony with however your day unfolds.

We believe garments should enhance your freedom and self-expression.
The fabric is light and breathable. The designs are feminine, but only as feminine as the wearer chooses. Tied up or untied, sleeves down or up, worn high or worn low, dressed up or dressed down, we believe the garment must be made for the wearer, not the other way around.

We strive to make a beautiful garment that will last, made in a way that is respectful of others.
We focus on the detail and design so that you will enjoy wearing the garment again and again!

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We care about the detail.
We use the best quality trimmings from Japan and France and we spend time sourcing the best quality fabric to suit the garment, whether it is English cotton tulle or Liberty lawn, Italian gingham or New Zealand cotton. We take special care with the finish inside the garment, so the garment has an internal structure that is sound and will withstand repeated gentle washing and line drying.

We create garments to be versatile.
We want you to be able to adjust to garment wherever possible for maximum comfort and personal expression. We also create within colour palettes, to make sure that garments from a current collection will complement and can be worn with garments within previous collections.

We road-test our fabric.
We test the fabric before settling on it, to ensure it can be washed and requires only minimal ironing. We also check to ensure it does not attract fluff or hair. We are children-friendly and animal-friendly, and we think clothes should be too. We pre-shrink our denim garments.

We welcome you to visit our workshop in inner-city Sydney.
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